21/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—The Isles of Glass, another name for Avalon, is a card of sovereignty. Our intuition helps us to navigate & learn discernment. Find the strength & ability to overcome obstacles that may block our progress by looking forward. Self governance requires experience, knowledge, & in due course great wisdom. Know that compassionate self acceptance grows our confidence. Back ourself with gusto; knowing we have the fortitude, free will, & insight to rule over our domain.

Bless—We find ourselves in the Temple of Sacred Water, the water of life. It is through dedicated spiritual practice that we become one with universal love. Sacred ceremony enhances clarity, harmony, & our connection to Spirit. When we embody Spirit, we embrace the everlasting Soul within & we bless our sacredness through heartfelt ritual & celebration.

Release—We have the ability to lead with genuine enthusiasm; too unify others & guide them toward a golden heart, mind, and Soul setting. Shatter the illusion of scarcity, abandon negative thoughts & truly thrive! We see prospects ahead & lead with a clear vision to our very own golden age. Let go of any notions of victimhood & embrace our higher calling with zest, enthusiasm, & drive. We are birthing fresh creative concepts into the world, benefiting everyone. These offerings light the way for others to follow on their own golden pathways.

Bonus Card: Grounded

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