July 7, 2022

July 7, 2022

The most powerful spell we know is recording oneself in spiritual bliss.
Playing a recording of oneself in an altered state entrains the brain back to that moment. Therefore awareness, breath work, tapping, guru transmission, music, chanting, trance, dancing, art, hypnosis; the many forms of altered states that number in the thousands, realign our Soul’s purpose.
Watch and listen to what we are saying. Saying the words out loud, taking the steps, instantly we will realign even a little, and a little is some relief.
We believe our words and deeds.
We are our vows.
Our words, our vows.
This life is for each a unique experience and collectively we are better for it.
It is time to sing and dance, living our dreams. The nightmare of structures built by the passing of regimes, will soon fall away, revealing the rot of old Rome. It will be up to our hearts, the direction we will go.
When things seem clouded and thick, trust our instincts. If we are steered clear, the better for it. If we falter, it is a karmic lesson learned.
Address it,
Bless it,
Release it.
The first three letters of ABRAHADABRA (ABRACADABRA)


“What I damn, damns me back.
What follows I am, follows me.
For the good of all, or not at all.
Behold, I make all things new.

Chant: Beloved, Be Loved

Journal prompt: “How can I radically embrace myself in loving forgiveness?”

Cards: Imagine our dreams come true—breath three cleansing breaths—Breath while addressing the issue, breath again blessing the issue. Breath and release it on the wings of a butterfly, on the back of a bird, on a Pegasus.

Rub our palms together and feel the energy build. Shuffle the cards. Fan them out where we can see them all together. Run our hand over the cards and feel for an indicator; temperature changes, magnetic pull toward a card, a shadow or sparkles rising or falling on a card, yawning as we choose —any changes we feel, and sense will be the universe speaking.

Look deeply at the card. Do we see any symbols that resonate with us? What impressions do we get from the card?

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