08/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Support is all around us. Whether we can see them or they are on other planes, our spirit family is by our side, ready to protect us, play with us, and learn with us. Give encouragement to those in our soul tribe, our family, and our community. And allow ourselves to be supported.

Bless—The future is certainly colourful. Now we have a rainbow after the storm. Let the creator step in and solve challenges for us in mysterious and wondrous ways. Just as the rainbow carries all colors in every spectrum of the electromagnetic field, and water is the element of emotions and feelings, so our heart is opening wider and wider. Our capacity to receive, and give love is expanding, and that truly is a miracle.

Release— Are we being called to step forward? Is there someone or something we need to protect? No matter what seems to be blocking our way, step forward with courage and grace. Just as the Celts used the Aspen-wood to make their shields to protect them from spiritual as well as physical harm, we find endurance and protection with our community.

Bonus Card: Hag of Storms—Chaos


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