22/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—We are invited to draw our blade and use it. This is not a time to hesitate. Heaven & Earth align to support our claim to power, so it is for us to take the decisive action. Overcome our fear of hurting others, unsheathe the blade, & use it wisely.

Bless—In our Vision Quest, we face our fear, embrace our mortality, & meet face to face with Spirit. Find clarity by spending time alone in nature. Get away from our desk & go outside. Spirit helps those who help themselves, so we set our intention & ask nature for a guiding vision for our life.

Release—Beginnings naturally give rise to endings. Life after all is a cycle & not a straight line of birth—death—into nothing. Energy merely finds another form. It is time for us to honour what has been & find a new form, a new structure for the future. In our ventures it is time to reap our harvest. Completion is a time for celebration. Just as we enjoy the end of summer’s ripest fruit, we savour the end of this cycle.

Bonus Card: Feathers; Message—Watch for Spirit sending us signs in nature.

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