07/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address— Is it time to slay the not enough beast? The Virgo full moon comes to ask us how do we feel about our self? Do we think that we are too much? Please just stop. Grieve, be with our self, do ritual. It’s full moon and this is the time to do it. Let everything go, we are not our past, we can soothe ourselves and most importantly we can move on. Choose the Soul’s view. Choose radical self love and acceptance.

Bless—Utilize this full moon to release old negative habits, and make room for bigger and brighter more aligned experiences. Releasing what is no longer necessary, creates a vacuum for all of the things that we want to come in. It only happens when we release what no longer serves us. The art of release after raising our power, is vital to its effectiveness. Should we raise power without sending it out to the universe in a focused way, it remains stagnant and stuck. Use this full moon to our advantage, and release it, burn it away, expel it.

Release—What is it we are trying to attract? Attraction isn’t just about what we accept, it is also how we discern. Blindly attracting everything we think of into our lives rarely makes us happy, but being focused about what we want does. Chip away that which no longer aligns with our vision. No longer on our frequency they are attracted back to their source. Let them go with love

Bonus Card: Childhood Home


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