14/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—The Viking ancestors sail into our reading today. They are known for their adventurous spirit. Is it time for us to wake up and live again? Take risks, think outside the box, journey to unknown places, follow our instincts & live our life to the fullest. Drink deeply from the well.

Bless—Change is on its way. We may fight it & make the process challenging, or can we have faith. The universe is giving us a rainbow of opportunities.

Release—If we feel disconnected, we may go outside & put our bare feet on the ground. Raising our hands to the sky we may feel the connection from above and below. We may pull in energy from the earth and send back our gratitude for all of Gaia’s gifts. Feel the energy coming up through the layers that lie beneath us. Our life may be full of distractions. When we are distracted, is the best time to ground. Sit comfortably, holding onto a crystal or stone of our choice. We may light incense or a candle & concentrate on the stone, sending our awareness deep inside. Connect with the energy of the stone; does it feel warm, strong, or comforting? Does this stone have something to offer us that some other stone might not? Does it feel as though it could boost our magickal work for prosperity, healing, peace, or any other particular goal? When we are done our meditation, blow out our candle & thank Gaia for all her gifts.

Bonus Card: Gita Deck; Winds of Desire
“As a boat on the water is swept away by strong wind…”


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