06/03/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Speak the Baba Yaga prayer before sleep. “Grandmothers, whose names I do not know, tonight, I pray to you. I pray, I remember the ways of the storytelling crone and tap into a more mythic memory. I pray you will find me in my dreams, and speak Witch to me. I pray you sing me into deeper sleep with your heathen tongue, and I pray – with my whole heart and soul, I pray – that I wake the wildest version of myself I have ever been. So mote it be.”

Bless—If we want to truly understand spirit and divinity, we need only to ask an elder. Elders are truly compassionate wisdom keepers, standing on the divide between wild innocent grace and fiery leadership. Yes, they have lived long, but that is not their only qualification for being an elder. There is a humility accompanying their wisdom and a refusal to claim ownership of the principles of language that are timeless.

Release—Under the moonlit sky we are called to count our blessings. Gratitude is a magnet. It pulls resonant experiences toward its soft grace. Let every drink be blessed, and all nourishment first offered as sacrament. Bless every stone in the road as a vehicle for our awakening. Let suffering be met in peace and with compassion. Yield to our place in the cosmos. Contemplate the God and surrender to the Goddess. For he is the force and she is the substance.

Bonus Card: Enjoy New Beginnings; Celebrate—Socialize—Change


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