25/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Not everything we think of as real, is anything more than an arbitrary placeholder for human understanding. Take the concept of planetary time. It depends on the distance, magnetism, the motion of the sun & moon. Concepts tied to our ideas. Our ego/ethno/homo-centrism, revolving around a false projection of self over the Self-Soul. Today the rotation of our planetary home sped up & we lost a second. The shortest day ever recorded. Look away from arbitrary concepts like war & annihilation, If they are on a continuum & therefore capable of transforming, we owe the future to envision what is possible. Give a poor being resources & they are no longer poor. Meditate, contemplate, & strategize a planet of peace & serenity.

Bless—As the ancients practiced agriculture, they depended on the environmental conditions & the micro climates of their regions. There is no one way, there are ways more suited to one set of variables over another. Rice is suited to a period of wet, whereas many of the old corns required dry sunny environments. Potatoes grown at high elevations attract fewer pests than those grown in a warm valley. Play with the idea-not all change is progress, & not all progress is change.

Release—Give in to the passion. Become one with the song the universe is playing for us. If we hear it today it is a reminder that our passions create a fire for all who gather near. We only need a few moments to shake our stuff & clear the stagnating forces from the corners. Frolic, play, create for the pure joy of the expression.

Bonus Card: Boundaries


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