17/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—If we didn’t get around to burning the last vestiges of the past storylines away, we have a chance to clear that off our plate. The fires of transmutation break them, cleanse their hold over us, & make way for new stories, & new narrative structures.

Bless—Moments of laughter, follow moments of despair. The processes of our immune response extend to our emotions. Release the fear hiding in old models of who we think we are. Play with the emotions. What if…? What if we embrace it with acceptance? Release the hold, play with the structure of emotions, replace diagnosis with role. We are given a script & try to fill our role to the best of our abilities. Rewrite the script—make it a comedy, a rom-com, a skit, or improv.

Release—Bend & sway in the wind. The atmosphere contains water in the gaseous form. In a funny way all life exists in aqueous environments. The willow bends & flows in the wind just as sea plants bend & sway in liquid water. Whether we are primarily dealing with our human karma, our Soul’s evolution, or our many roles, we may choose to let it flow on its way.

Bonus Card: NonDuality

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