Divination: Understanding The Types Of Psychic Abilities

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In the swirl of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and general confusion surrounding the fields of parapsychology and psychic activity, most people have no idea how to make distinctions between different types of psychic abilities.
Wait a minute, we say, we didn’t even know there were different types!  We’re in the same boat as most everyone else who has a basic understanding of psychic reading and activity. Little does the general public know, it’s not all tarot cards and psychic phone reading, there are sharply defined distinctions between everything from the obvious (tarot reading and telepathy) to the surprising (clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance).
First, let’s discuss what defines psychic ability in the first place! Extra-sensory perception (ESP), prophecies of the future, and a sixth sense could all be defined under the blanket term psychic ability. But where does psychic ability come from? Actually, no one really knows, not even psychic readers. People who claim to have psychic abilities describe a sense of just having it without having any conception of how it got there. Most say that it is part of their regular consciousness, and that they simply know or feel things before, during, or after they happen despite being unable to explain how. Though parapsychology has been heavily criticized, scrutinized, and stigmatized, the truth is that as much evidence points towards its veracity as against it.
So what are some of the different types of psychic abilities? To begin with, there is the art of channeling, which is defined as the ability to receive and transmit information from another external consciousness while in a decidedly altered state of mind. Though each incident varies in intensity and resulting activity, many share the same basic traits: a semi-trance-like state and the appearance of an outer entity expressing itself through the channeler. Many people have been able to obtain a psychic reading of another entity and consciously channel that entity and professional parapsychologists don’t recommend trying it until we’ve been well-trained and prepared.
Three more (related) types of psychic ability are clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. Clairaudience is generally defined as the ability to hear or sense sounds that cannot be perceived by a non-psychic person. Clairsentience is another type of extrasensory perception in that clairsentient people sense past, present, or future events through sensing them, though non-clairsentient people cannot perceive them. Clairvoyance is a synonym for extrasensory perception of any knowledge or consciousness of an event outside of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling it.
Divination is another often-misunderstood type of psychic ability. Divination is the act of making prophecies or predictions through the practice of occult arts. Contrary to popular belief, this is different from intuition which is defined as the ability to perceive or act based on just knowing that it’s the right thing to do. Tarot Cards and tarot reading is a form of divination. Although the mainstream ideas of divination and intuition have been tweaked to seem like anyone can tap into this psychic energy field, the truth is that only a few people take the time to hone and develop their extrasensory perception skills.
What’s the difference between psychometry and psychokinesis? Well, psychometry is defined as the ability to glean information about an object by obtaining physical contact with the object. Good examples of this are seen in countless movies. Envision it: The hero touches a book and, upon contact, is filled with images of its previous user and the fate that befell him or her. Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects through willing it or thinking it.

Divination: Types Of Psychic Readings

Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Palm Reading, Runes, Aura Reading
When we contact a psychic, we might be overwhelmed by the different types of readings that they offer. Getting a general idea about the basics of each reading will help make our session with a psychic much more enjoyable.
A tarot card reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings. During a tarot card reading, the psychic will ask us to focus our energy into the cards. The cards that come out and the position that they fall in will both affect our reading. The modern tarot cards that most psychics use are typically composed of twenty-two major arcana cards and fifty-six minor arcana cards.
If we request an astrology reading, the psychic will use our date of birth to let us know the direction that our life is headed in. This type of reading gains its predictions from the placement of the planets and the stars. There are several different types of astrology that an astrologer uses. These types include Chinese astrology, Western astrology and Indian astrology.
Numerology is another type of psychic reading that utilizes birth dates. A psychic will use the numbers related to our date of birth to come up with a number that is associated with our type of personality. For example, a person with the number seven is controlled by Neptune and has an idealistic type of character.
A palm reading is another popular type of psychic reading. The psychic will be able to look at a client's palms and tell a lot about their personality. They will use the shape of the hands, the lines on the hands and the person's fingers to give an accurate reading. The lines on the hand particularly show many aspects of the person's personality and their future destiny. The life line tells the length of our life, the head line provides insight into our type of personality and the heart line can give clues about our love life. The other lines include the fate line, health line, fame line, money line, marriage line, sex line, spirit line, travel line and luck line. A palm reader reads the special markings on these lines as well as garner meaning from the length and depth of the lines.
Rune readings are an additional service that a psychic may offer. Runes have been around for thousands of years and have been shown to attain mystical characteristics. A rune reading consists of twenty-four runes laid out in a spread. There are different types of spreads including the traditional spread of three that represents the past, present and future. The materials that the runes are made out of affects the reading as well. Ceramic, stone, wood and gold runes are each used to answer different life questions.
An aura reading may also be conducted when we visit a psychic. This type of reading involves the interpretation of the aura that surrounds a person. An aura is a colour outline that emanates from the body and varies from person to person. Auras come in different sizes, shapes and colours. A psychic that reads auras can see or sense a person's aura and give their interpretation of it.
If we are looking for specific advice or insight, we may wish to visit a psychic that only specializes in one or two areas. Some of the readings must be conducted face to face, while most can be distant readings that are done virtually or over the phone. Whichever type of psychic reading we choose, we will be amazed at the insightful things that a psychic tells us about our life.

Divination: The Elements Necessary To Develop Psychic Abilities

All people are born with the capacity for psychic powers but only a few become psychic. There are two types of psychics: the natural born and those who are through practice are able to grow the powers within them. The natural born psychics are said to be the gifted as they have had a great amount of psychic powers since birth. On the other hand, those who are born with lesser amounts of psychic powers require heavy practice and understanding in order to grow. In other cases, psychics' abilities can be suddenly awakened by strong emotions or near-death experiences, which results in having great amounts of mental powers in an instant.
Here are some of the elements that can help a person to develop their psychic skills or abilities:
Understanding: Spiritual development requires time, patience and understanding. In order to develop our psychic ability, we need first understand its importance and purpose, having psychic powers also entails responsibilities; becoming a psychic means that we allow our mind and body to grow spiritually, set our goal into helping others, giving as precise information as possible and know that having a psychic ability is never to be abused.
Patience: Whether we're a natural born with psychic powers or not, we will only be able to develop our psychic ability with time, so don’t rush, the spirits will guide us through our journey. It is best to find a psychic group in our community or online to guide us.
Focus: Focusing first on one ability is good, choose which ability we would like to develop. It is important that we believe in ourselves while doing a reading. Psychics have different types of readings and will choose the most appropriate based on the client.
Choose our tool: Always have the proper tool(s) before conducting a reading.
Tarot & Oracle Cards are a divination tool that is used to gain insight and resolve issues regarding heath, relationships, career, and spirituality.
Numerology, from the word itself, uses numbers that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. With a mathematical formula, psychics use numerology to give past or future information on a person’s life path.
Astrology uses the celestial bodies such as the moon, sun, and planets to represent events that occur in a person’s life.
-       A
Crystal Ball can be used to aid in clairvoyance, Clairvoyance is a Greek word that means ‘clear seeing’ and is a psychic ability that goes beyond the five senses to receive or download information using only the mind.
-       Some other ways a psychic may perform a reading is through
palm reading, cold reading, dream interpretation, among other methods
Practice: Becoming a skillful psychic requires a lot of practice, nobody becomes a professional in any field in just a few days! When practicing our psychic ability keep in mind that what we’re doing is good for someone, discard our doubts, no matter what our mind sees during a psychic reading take full trust in our ability.
Lastly, if we’ve just begun to learn how to develop our psychic powers, try some psychic ability tests first to know the scope and limit of our psychic powers. Psychic tests are available online and in a psychics’ community.

Divination: Learning And Harnessing Psychic Abilities In Your Everyday Life

Everyone is psychic. What a person can or cannot do is not an indication of our true abilities. However, intuition is interesting. The more we listen to it the more feedback it will give us. Therefore, we really need to practice trusting our intuition, paying attention to the way our unconscious mind tells us information. For some it is a simple knowing in the quiet moments of meditation. For others it may be a gut feeling or a body sensation. The unconscious mind can use any of our senses to communicate; these include the five following senses:
-       Vision that involves isolated images or symbols we see or it can be more detailed images of clairvoyance or remote viewing.
-        Hearing, also known as clairaudience, involves hearing words or sounds in one ear and not the other. At first, this can be scary for those who are not familiar with it.
-       Touch is probably also considered clairsentience as it is a feeling intuition as physical body sensations.
-       Smell can also give psychic information whether simple or complex.
-       Taste, although far less common than the other methods, has been known for some psychics to get a taste in their mouths when interpreting psychic information.
There are many ways we can practice using our intuition. A few are listed below:
-       Traffic: If you live in a city with frequent traffic reports try to guess which roads are bad and why. This works even better if you have two routes to get home, each with an equal chance of having delays. You can guess which roads to use to get home faster, and then check Google Maps. (It is not helpful if one road is always bad, because then logic takes over.)

-       Shopping: Without checking the internet try to guess what you are going to pay for something and where the best place to buy it is. Afterwards check out the facts.

-       Parking: Try to let your intuition guide you to the best parking space. This is particularly useful during the holiday season.

-       Telephone: See if you know it on the telephone before you look at the caller ID.

-       Sports: Without knowing anything about the game or the teams try to guess who will win and what the scores will be. Then check out the results.
The trick is to find something we care about, or something we cannot know for sure based on past knowledge and experience and we can get feedback on. Then pay attention to the difference in feelings between that which proved to be right and that which proved to be wrong. Take notice if we have ignored our intuition and see if we later regret not acting upon it, be aware of how that information came to us so that next time it happens, we do not ignore it.
Learn to listen to feedback from our body on the psychic hits we get. One of the best psychic development techniques is learning to tell when we are getting information that is right or wrong.
Work on issues we hear all the time that we rarely act upon. We have to work on your psychological baggage; It cannot be emphasized enough! All information is accessed and processed through the unconscious mind. If we have issues and we do not want to look at them we will find that the psychic information we receive will be distorted. Many people have found they are blocked by the spirit realm because they are unwilling to tackle their own issues.
The more you trust your intuition, the more information you will receive. This ‘knowing’ will become more and more definite and you will want to pass this information on. If you believe you have information for someone, be ethical. There are stories of many psychics who have been said to lose their powers because they abuse their gift. It is impossible to say how true this is, however, if you do not lose your abilities, you certainly run the risk of other difficulties. Always get a person's permission before you give out information as without their permission you could place yourself in big trouble and in extreme cases criminal prosecution. Be ethical, be considerate. Always ask for permission before you give out information to someone. Never promise what you can not deliver, whether it is a sure-fire investment or the spirit of someone's long lost grandfather. Honesty is the best policy in this line of work. Remember, everyone has days off and it is no different for psychics, you need to break away for a day to recharge your energy levels.
Key points to remember:
If you find yourself wondering if you are crazy, it probably means you are sane. People having an initial psychic opening often start their conversations with lines like you are going to think I am crazy but or you are never going to believe me but. The mere fact that you doubt your own sanity is a reassuring sign that you are still in touch with reality, you are simply trying to figure it out.
The issue is not whether you are hearing voices, but what those voices are saying. There is a rule, if the voices are helping you then it does not matter, whether those voices are a part of your unconscious mind or spirits, it is alright to have them around. However, if the comments are destructive, negative or hurting you, then it is time to lose the source they are coming from.
The hard thing you need to learn is what not to say. You can receive a lot of information that is better left unsaid. This is probably the most difficult thing to learn, because it requires good judgment which sometimes only comes with time and practice. Some psychics claim they say everything that comes to them. In these cases I suspect their guides are trying to filter the information before it gets to their mouths. However, for most of you it is wise to consider what might be helpful (if you can word it right) and what would only be harmful, whether true or false.
It is important to live in the present. You may be vividly aware of past lives and you may be able to slide mentally into the future. However, you are living in the present and that is where you need to focus. Most people forget their past lives for a reason; they have a past and that is where they belong. The future will take care of itself if you remember to focus on the present without being pulled off balance by the past.
When you first start receiving information or seeing spirit it is very hard to switch it off, however, this is something you must do. It is common when you first start to open up as a psychic, that you will see colors or images (especially faces) at night. This is partly because of the normal shift in consciousness that occurs as you fall to sleep or are waking as it increases the ability to sense things. To some extent, this is normal.
As you begin to trust your intuition and the information you receive you will find it hard to switch off. Turning off your psychic gift is something you have to do or you will suffer from information overload.
Imagine your sensitivity to psychic information as a number on a control screen in your mind. Then visualize that number going down, decreasing until you are no longer aware of psychic information. In the morning you can always reverse the process and return the number back to where it was before.

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