October 2022

Divine Light

The Divine Light Invocation
The Divine Light Invocation is an ancient standing meditation that helps you visualize Divine Light, and get in touch with an endless source of spiritual nourishment." (Swami Radhananda; Ascent Magazine 28, winter 2005)

These are a summation of the step-by-step instructions, given in Swami Radha's book,
The Divine Light Invocation by Swami Radha. (Timeless Books).

Stand erect, feet shoulder-width apart. Relax our breathing. Relax our head, face, and neck. Keeping the eyes closed, focusing them on the space between our eyebrows.

Tap the spot between our eyes, or trace a figure 8 around the eyes and crossing at the third eye.

Look up into the eyebrows, breathing slowly and naturally. On the third gentle exhale, keep the eyes trained upward and close our eyes.

Picture above us a vast ocean of pure white, milky Light. It stretches in all directions, into eternity. Imagine some of that Light pouring down around us, like a gentle waterfall. bathing us completely in Divine Light.

Exhale and slowly inhale, lift our arms above our head as we smoothly and gradually tense from feet to crown, until encompassing our whole body.

Holding our breath, we affirm to ourself with all the concentration possible:
  • I am created by Divine Light
  • I am sustained by Divine Light
  • I am protected by Divine Light
  • I am surrounded by Divine Light
  • I am ever growing into Divine Light.
Exhale, gradually relax, and lower our arms slowly.

Now using our imagination to see ourself standing in a shower of brilliant white Divine Light.

See the Light pouring down upon us, and see a stream of that Light flowing into our body, through the top of our head, filling our entire being with Light . . . as if we were a transparent vessel, being filled with liquid Divine Light.

Maintaining this image, now with arms at our sides, exhale, inhale and tense your body. Hold the breath and the tension, and again affirm;
  • I am created by Divine Light
  • I am sustained by Divine Light
  • I am protected by Divine Light
  • I am surrounded by Divine Light
  • I am ever growing into Divine Light
Slowly exhale and relax.

Concentrate on the feeling of the Light. Feel the warm glow of Divine Light suffuse our entire body, outside as well as inside.

Acknowledge silently to ourself:
  • Every cell of this my physical body is filled with Divine Light;
  • Every level of my consciousness is illumined with Divine Light.
  • The Divine Light penetrates every single cell of my being,
  • Every level of consciousness.
  • I have become a channel of pure Light.
  • I am One with the Light.

The Divine Light Invocation is an exercise of will, as well as an act of surrender. Be receptive to the Light, and accept that we are now a channel of Divine Light.

Expressing our gratitude with deep feeling and a desire to share the gift with someone whom we wish to help, turn our palms forward.

Continue we see ourself filling and overflowing with Divine Light, mentally open wide the doors of our Spiritual Heart Centre, let the flow of Divine Light stream forth from our heart centre. Form a clockwise Spiral before us invite it to reach up and rejoin the source of Divine Light above.

Into the Spiral of Light, place any projects and concerns that we may have. Envision them as we would like to see them, not as we fear they are. Invite the Light to encircle them, enveloping them completely . . . and see the Spiral moving high into the sky, taking the images with them. See them merge into the source of Light and become One with the Light, received by Divine Light.

Invite a vision, feeling, or sense of someone we would like to help standing before us — or the image of a person we don't know, representing all those in need of Light at this moment — in the Spiral of Light. This can be ourselves, if we feel in need of Divine Light. See the person healthy, happy, whole, and strong.

See the Light stream forth towards the feet of this person. The Light encircles them, Spiralling upward in a clockwise direction, enveloping the body completely, filling them with radiant pure Divine Light. See them filled with Light, wrapped in Light, receiving everything they need from the Light.

See the spiral moving high up into the sky, taking this image along with it. See this person merge into the source of the Light and become One with the Light, blessed by the Light.

Now relax. Bring our hands together at our heart centre in a gesture of deep gratitude for the gift of the Divine Light, and the ability to share it.


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