20/02/2023 Oracle Reading
Address—Welcome to the sign of Pisces & the new moon. Wade into the deep-end of desire. The elements crash together, pulling our hearts in their chaotic dance.

Bless—Chanting Om in hopes of enlightenment & praying for ascension are masks we wear to cover the pain & fear of living in a broken society. When we feel helpless we look to our next incarnation with hope. The enlightenment happens when we turn away from bandaging our wounds & delve beneath, where fertile soil & microbial ecosystems defy our ideas of what life is, & how events should unfold. Giving up the desire for purity allows the mucky beauty of our genuine life to unfold.

Release—In the wee small hours when most things sleep, it is easy to find peace. Our challenge is to be peace. In the midst of the storms, cling to the Soul-Self. We are only a breath away from their council. Do nothing, be nothing, it is all phenomena rising & falling. Rest in the querencia, the pause between notes, between breaths, the Soul’s home.

Bonus Card: Curiousity

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