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Higher Self: What Is The Higher Self?

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Are we just a body with a personality? From my understanding, we are much more than that. Each one of us has a higher aspect. This higher aspect has been typically called the Higher Self. Others have also referred to it as the Over-soul or Over-self.
Who and what is the Higher Self? The Higher Self is the intelligence and wisdom aspect of our own self. Ironically, the Higher Self is impersonal and does not have a ‘sense of self’ like the way our personality is. Nevertheless, it serves as a guiding aspect for the personality or ego.
Can this elusive higher self be contacted? Yes, and typically it is done through meditation or some other altered states of consciousness.
A little bit about me. Around ten years ago, I discovered that if I am thinking hard about a subject that is of a spiritual inquiry, I will sometimes receive visions that attempt to answer my queries. Mostly the visions are symbolic. Higher self will communicate by impulsing symbols and visions that form messages into my awareness.
An example of such transmissions:
Some years ago, I was contemplating on the nature of the cycle of reincarnation. Will lost souls be forever looped within the lower realm? (According to many Eastern Beliefs, Beings who had not attained enlightenment will be caught in a vicious circle of perpetual birth and rebirth.) Suddenly, out of nowhere, I received a transmission from beyond my conscious mind. It came as a ‘download’, a burst of images, symbols and moods. Very fast, split second impressions. The download seemed to be received by the right hemisphere of my brain. My brain instinctively attempted to interpret the transmission before I lost it. How do I know it wasn’t my imagination? Well, firstly I do not think in pictures. I think in languages. Secondly, the transmitted images were performing a ‘dual-split’ to my consciousness. That is, the images are simultaneously overlaying my visual perception of the environment around me. Well, a ‘dual-split’ in consciousness is definitely not the usual way my mind works!
The animated vision was set against a light blue background. There were rings or bands of a lighter colour moving towards a centre point. Because the transmission was so fast, I think I might have lost some vital information. Anyway; here’s my interpretation. Please understand that it was my physical brain that did this interpretation. As such I can never be to sure about the accuracy of my interpretation:
“The transmission is attempting to correct errors or rather incompleteness within my understanding of the scheme of things. The cycle of reincarnation is never meant to last forever. Eventually all will return back to the Source or essence. ”
Well, that transmission was many years ago. My understanding on that matter has been refined since then. However, the transmission was appropriate (to my level of understanding) at that time.
Over the years, these vision transmissions from Higher Self, together with the guidance of enlightened physical teachers, have helped me to understand the dynamics of consciousness and the universe greatly.

Higher Self: Connecting With Our Higher Self

When we want to listen to a particular radio station, we tune our radio to that station, tuning in to a particular frequency. Same when we want to watch a particular show on TV. It is the frequency we tune into that determines what we hear and what we see.
Our brains operate in very much the same way, except that we have only two stations we tune into, the Ego Station and the Higher-Self Station.
The Ego Station is the station that originates in the programmed mind, which contains all our limiting beliefs that create our fears. The Ego Station is our wounded self, our false self – the protected self we learned to be as we were growing up and needed to find ways to have control over getting love, avoiding pain, and feeling safe. Our ego wounded self is a closed circuit – it operates on old information that we acquired as we were growing up, information that is no longer relevant or even true. It is not open to new information. It is not open to truth.
The Higher-Self Station is the station that taps into the unlimited information from the universe – information that is beyond the programmed mind. The Higher-Self Station taps into the Source of truth that is always here to guide us in our highest good.
How do we tune our frequency to our higher-self station?
We have all been given a “dial” that either tunes us to the low frequency of our Ego Station, or to the high frequency of our Higher-Self Station. This dial is our INTENT.
We have only two intents to choose from:
-       The intent to get love and avoid pain with some form of controlling behaviour.
-       The intent to learn about loving ourselves and others.
The intent to have control over getting love and avoiding pain lowers our frequency and keeps us stuck in our limited mind, our ego mind. When we choose this intent/frequency, we are stuck thinking the thoughts, the lies, and taking the unloving actions that create fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, stress, anger, jealousy, resentment, and so on. The ego frequency is the frequency of being a victim. We choose this frequency when we choose the intent to have control over getting love and avoiding pain.
At any moment, we change our minds and choose the intent to learn – about what is in our highest good and the highest of all. We choose to learn about our ego mind rather than stay stuck in it. The moment we choose the intent to learn about love, we raise our frequency and are able to access the higher-self station. This is like moving out of the limitations of our personal computer and into the Internet, only better. While some of the information on the Internet is true and some is not, all of the information we receive from the Higher-Self Station is true, it comes from the Source of Truth.
The only thing that stops us from choosing the Higher-Self Station is our addiction to control. The ego mind wants control over our feelings, over others’ feelings and actions, and over the outcome of things. When our desire for control is greater than our desire to be loving to ourself and others, and greater than our desire to live in truth, we will remain stuck in the Ego Station.
The Ego Station tells us that we have control over things that we actually have no control over, others and outcomes. While we have some control over our feelings with various addictions, this only leads to greater unhappiness. Our feelings are an inner guidance system, letting us know when we are on track or off track in our thinking and behaviour, so suppressing them with addictions only leads to more pain.
We will discover great joy when we choose the intent to learn about loving ourself and others and access the incredible information that is ours when we are tuned into our Higher-Self Station.

Higher Self: The Higher Self Is The Voice Of The Soul

As we look at the pain in the world around us, we see many things we deeply desire to heal and change. Many of those things seem beyond our ability to influence and change.
There is one thing we can change about ourselves. We can look deep within, moving closer to the truth of who we are. In doing so, we move beyond the limitations of our personality and the world around us begins to transform. Radiant joy and love emerge and are contagious.
Getting to know our Higher Self is a loving and powerful way to move closer toward healing and self-realization. The Higher Self knows everything about us and sees the bigger picture. It knows all of our past lives, our dreams, frustrations, relationships, our different personalities, the lessons we are learning, all possible choices, the past and our potential future. The Higher Self is a wonderful guide. Just imagine the possibility of seeing everything more clearly, feeling the joy and security of knowing that our choices are taking us toward our highest good!
As we face challenges and move through difficulties, many times we feel lonely, isolated or misunderstood by others. By getting our Higher Self involved in daily life, we will be able to feel loved, nurtured, and deeply understood. ur Higher Self is always there for us, in a way that another human being is not able to be. It is always ready to give us all the attention we need, always loving, has our highest good in mind guiding us ever closer to unlimited source.
As we grow and evolve we sometimes find that our personality is not enough to support our expanded, abundant Self. We sense and know the possibility of true prosperous living, yet our old patterns of thinking and doing don't give us the guidance we need to actualize our spiritual ideals and transform our lives. We need a means of finding our way through the day to day reality of living, in a way that supports our Soul’s expansive desires. The Higher Self is the voice of the Soul. Creating a best friend relationship with our Higher Self provides immediate and insightful help for the challenges of everyday living.
With our Higher Self as navigator we deepen relationships with others through Soul to Soul communication. Previously unsolvable problems and conflicted relationships may be healed and problems resolved. The love connection between souls transcends all personality differences. The Higher Self also sees all opportunities for growth, allowing us to utilize our experiences in a more loving and joyful way.
This deep, expansive communion with the Self is one of the most powerful and direct ways to access the Souls ability to help us with all of our choices. The experience is exquisitely beautiful and profoundly intimate. More intimate than any human relationship. Who could possibly know us better and love us more deeply than the being we came through to be on this earth?
This intimacy with the Higher Self is what so many are seeking in a Soul Mate. The innate longing for completion, to be with our other half, the one that was created for us at the beginning of time, the one we were meant to be with forever. That one is our own Soul.
Imagine for a moment that we are now able to feel, taste, touch and know that wondrous union right here, right now. At last, here is the endless love we have been seeking which transcends this human existence. Look deeply into those ancient eyes and see only the truth of love shining back at us and know that this wise one has been with us always. Our heart opens as we feel the trust that comes from true commitment. As our heart opens wider, allow ourselves to be embraced by this great being of love and bright light. Feel the strength, beauty, power and love of this ancient one flow through us. Our own heart knows the truth; we know who this is, our Soul.
Feel our heart call to this one. Invite it to flow into our heart, embracing it. A deep trust and recognition arises as our Souls energy fills our heart. We know this connection is familiar, from the light, from the source. Secret memories are now remembered. Listen with our heart, our Soul is now speaking. Words of encouragement, hope, love, gentle soothing phrases drawing us closer. See how delighted this wise being is to see us, radiating magnificent colours and bright light. It has been waiting for us, waiting for this union, waiting to merge with us at last.
How long have we been waiting for this moment? How many times have we joined in this completion? The years of separateness drift away as we experience the ecstasy of true love.
To experience our True Self in this way is an amazing gift and a great service to our precious planet. Everyone may learn to turn within and commune with the Self. The rewards will be astonishing. With practice, the heart continues to open, the healing process quickens, life becomes more joyful and the world around us begins to change. Intimacy with the True Self purifies the heart allowing us to experience our own true abundant nature. Discovering pure joy and true happiness need not be difficult. It takes only a willing heart and practice.

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